2016 Events - Mojave Magnum, October 8-9


The Mojave Mile and Magnum

Standing Mile racing is now the hottest form of racing on the West coast!


That’s right – standing-start, flat out speed, as fast as you can go in ONE MILE!

(or even a mile-and-a-half)

Held in conjunction with the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, CA, the Mojave Mile is the latest, fastest, and best venue for Standing Mile type racing. Mojave features a smooth, 12,500’ runway, with up to a mile of shutdown distance, the latest in accurate electronic timing equipment, a top-notch staff of experienced professionals and safety response teams, and a huge overnight-secured Paddock area with P.A. system and food.  Our Mojave Magnum variant even allows you to go for a full 1.5 miles!


The Mojave Mile and Magnum are open to both cars and motorcycles. Mark your calendar to attend one of the most exciting racing venues in the country!


October Magnum entries open next Monday night! (July 5)

Entries for the October 8-9 Mojave Magnum #5 will be accepted starting July 5, 2016 at one minute after midnight PDT.  Watch the July 4 fireworks, then stay up a little longer and put in your entry!  There are some serious changes to the rules regarding entries so please read the text carefully.  We have also had to raise prices slightly.  As usual your online entries can be put in at mojavemile.motorsportreg.com.


Please be aware that if you were signed up for April but didn't get into the event for whatever reason (cancelled, decided not to show up, etc.):   Even though you may have money carried over from April, your entry will not automatically be carried over into the October event.  You have to put in a new October entry in the normal fashion.  If you have a money credit outstanding, the system will automatically apply it to your October entry fees.


Major policy change for October 2016 and later

We regret to announce a major policy change effective immediately.  Our Mojave events are now PRIVATE and CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.  The airport has dictated that we admit no spectators, and that we keep the number of people inside the gate to a minimum.  You will have to be a racer/crew/guest, MKM staff member, MKM special guest, official/safety person or preapproved media or vendor to get in.  Each entrant will get up to 4 additional free gate entry bands, but we will be charging for any beyond that.  Please see the document "MKM Mojave 2016 Airport Gate Entry Policy" for more details.


American Express no longer accepted

Effective immediately, we will no longer be accepting American Express cards for payment.  We still accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.


Most new 2016 documents are available

Most of the revised documents for October 2016 are now available on the Downloads page.  The rest will follow shortly, as soon as we clear up a couple of issues.


April 2016 Mojave Magnum another big success; results now available

Whew! We though for a while that a rainout was in the offing, but nature was favorable and there was virtually no rain at all on race day, despite the forecasts.  Everyone had a great time and although Saturday was a bit slow due to headwinds and crosswinds, Sunday really made up for it with good tailwinds, cool air and about 20 new speed club shirts earned.  Even better was that all the people who were on the waiting list got their chance to enter the event.  If you were there, we thank you for coming out.  If you cancelled because of rain, well, there's probably a lesson in there somewhere.


Almost 700 runs were scored over the two days.  Results are now available here.  Our Speed Club listings have also been updated.


Use of the first turnoff now allowed for slower vehicles

For 2016 we've decided to allow cars in the A1 class and most sportbikes, if they have really good brakes, to use the first turnoff at Taxiway Juliet.  Also allowed will be any vehicle running under 150 mph, including breakdowns. The intent is to save time, resulting in more runs.  At the April event this new option worked well and saved a lot of wasted time.


LSM class has been discontinued

For 2016 we have decided to discontinue the separate Land Speed Motorcycle class.  Participation was very low and the Tech guys pointed out that there was very little real difference between LSM and our own M1 and M2 classes.  So, from now on, we'll make every attempt to accommodate any SCTA bikes that wish to run in M1 or M2.  Any minor differences in rules can most likely be taken care of at Tech Inspection.  The one major item that we will insist on is that bikes must have both front and rear brakes.  Also, we won't be allowing full streamliners or multi-engine. We will be allowing SCTA-legal SC class sidecar bikes if they meet our rules.



Entered an event but haven't paid yet? Your spot is not guaranteed!  Read This!

Here's an important point that all entrants need to be aware of.  If you put in your online entry to one of our events, but you decide not to pay at that time, that's fine;  however, until your entry fees are paid in full, your entry is on HOLD, and your spot is NOT guaranteed.  This means that if we get near our entry limit and other, paying entrants want to sign up, you could be bumped out of the event. To avoid this situation, pay your fees as soon as possible!




NOTICE - NEW POLICIES  - You cannot "just show up" at the track and sign up to race.   All entrants must register online, at least one day prior.  The ONLY WAY to enter our events is online, in advance - you can't send in paper forms, you can't do it on the phone, you can't do it in person.

Rookies (those who have never run with us at Mojave before) must be registered online and paid in full no later than 8 PM the day before they plan to race AND they must show up at the track by 7 AM on their first day of racing, so that they can attend the MANDATORY Rookie Roll Call, Morning Briefing and Track Drive.   Please note that having experience elsewhere no longer exempts you from Rookie status at Mojave.

We also no longer accept "walk-in" entries on-site at the hotel at Mojave. If  the event is not sold out, the ONLY WAY to enter is to do so online before 8 PM the night before you race.

It is much better for all concerned if you can get to Mojave the day before you intend to race, to check in and go through Tech.  Not arriving until race morning will ALWAYS result in fewer runs for you. Remember, you MUST be registered online no later than 8 PM the night before.

If you haven't already sent them in to us, PLEASE, before you arrive at Mojave, download, print, fill out and bring with you, the Tire, Medical, and Emergency forms.

Properly equip yourself and your vehicle.  Here's a couple of quick tips: You can't show up wearing a t-shirt, shorts, sneakers and a $39 helmet and expect to race.  And you can't show up with ten-year-old dry-rotted tires and expect to run, either. Yet, every event, it seems that we encounter that sort of thing.  The most important thing about competing at Mojave isn't going fast, it's going home safe and sound after the event.  That is why we have strict safety rules.  We know, the full Rule Book is a little intimidating, but if you do nothing else, PLEASE read the appropriate Preparation Guide (from our Downloads page) for your type of vehicle and the speed you intend to go. It's only a couple of pages.  Understand what the safety and equipment requirements are for you and your car or bike.  If you arrive at Mojave missing some required items, chances are not very good of you finding any equipment for sale anywhere nearby.  Being well-informed and having the right gear puts you that much ahead of those who just can't be bothered!


Catch us on Facebook!

We have an official Facebook page here; and there is also an unofficial but affiliated Facebook Group here.  Any breaking news or announcements will show up on Facebook first, so check it out!


Our Message Board is open!

Visit our Message Board by clicking on the "FORUM" link at the top of the page.  You can read what your fellow racers are saying, and even join in!

A WORD TO THE WISE, if you plan to be a "walk-in" or "late arriver" and register at the event itself.  While we don't recommend that you wait that long, if the event does not sell out in advance, we can most likely accommodate you.  HOWEVER, there are some very important things that you can do before you arrive that will save you a LOT of time (possibly an hour or more) when you get there.

ONE - please, please put your entry into our on-line registration system ahead of time, even if it's just the night before.  You don't have to pay online if you don't want to, but we need that entry information.

TWO - download, print and fill out the Tire, Medical, and Emergency forms.

These are things that you are required to do in order to enter the event, and if you have to do them at Mojave it may take quite a while; time that could be spent racing instead!

THREE - PLEASE read the appropriate Preparation Guide (from our Downloads page) for your type of vehicle and speed class.  Understand what the safety and equipment requirements are for you and your car or bike.  If you arrive at Mojave missing some required items, chances are low of you finding anything for sale anywhere nearby.




Signing up for one of our events has never been easier. With our automated on-line registration program, you can complete your registration and make payment in just a few short minutes. No more paper registration forms! Click on the link to get started.



Do you have a great photo of your car or bike you want to show off? Do you have an awesome video of your amazing speed run you want to share, or of your Mojave experiences? We want to host it here for you! Send it to us, and we will link it on our Pictures and Video Page. Click to see some of the stuff we have from past events.


    Record Holders

  • R. J. Gottlieb

    Mojave Magnum Fastest Car  238.1 MPH, April 2015

    Mojave Mile Fastest Car 232.4 mph, April 2014

  • Bill Warner


    Mojave Mile Top Speed Record Holder

    Fastest Motorcycle, 274.8 mph, Oct. 2011

    RIP Bill, we miss you!