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The reason for this is that spammers and bots will try to register using similar but nonsensical names like "Etepleloomalm" and, while this example is obvious, sometimes the spammer names are not as easy to decipher. If you want to use a nonsensical name, please use your real name and email address in the information section so I can recognize it.

Please help me out on this, so I can approve your access faster!


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You are invited to participate on the official Mojave Mile Message Board. This board has been designed to provide an environment where racers, rookies and veterans alike can come together and swap stories, ideas and advice. The purpose of the board is to foster camaraderie. To be a place where veterans with many races under their belts can take rookies under their wing and introduce them to this fun and exciting sport. A place where old friends can catch up and reminisce about old times, and where new friends can be made.

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